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    ConvertU2 Technologies are the developers of the only 'Silver Bullet' technology for migrating Microsoft Access data and/or applications to Microsoft SQL 2008/2012
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2SQL for Microsoft Access 2013

ConvertU2 are currently developing 2SQL for Access 2013. With Access 2013 Microsoft has significantly enhanced its Web Format version using the Access Services component via Sharepoint 2013 to SQL Server.

With Access Services from Sharepoint 2013, in addition to the table and query objects residing in SQL Server, the forms and reports also reside in SQL Server as HTML 5.0 objects, accessible from Microsoft Access via a web browser.

ConvertU2 are enhancing 2SQL to make the transition towards Sharepoint 2013 as transparent and automated as possible for earlier versions of Microsoft Access databases.

Due to its true two tier client methodology, the current version of 2SQL already encompasses many of the requirements for the Access 2013 Web Format solution. The first version of 2SQL for Access 2013 will provide an automatic solution to converting the table and query object schema to Sharepoint 2013 requirement.

For more information about Access 2013 and Access Services in Sharepoint 2013, see http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/fp179914.aspx.