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CU2 Global University offers Professional Services and a range of resources to provide education and assistance in the implementation and operation of the 2SQL framework. Our goal is to assist both customers and partners alike to achieve maximum success in automating and managing database conversions, optimizing migration infrastructure and the delivery of quality services.

We all learn differently and in support of those differences the team at CU2 Global University has provided several methods of information delivery. All methods utilize our defined reinforcement learning process.


CU2 Global educational services assist organizations and individuals by providing comprehensive online documentation and tailored training programs. These programs provide best practices aimed at fully leveraging the powerful functionality of 2SQL.


Our partners are able to utilize CU2 Global experts to accomplish strategic sales and project deployment goals. CU2 Global Consulting Services assist organizations by providing expert advice and engineering resources to win and deliver new projects on either a short or long term basis.


Certificates of training completion provide value to both the named individual and their company. CU2 Global’s training certificates are in an individual’s name and consequently follow them wherever they provide their knowledge of 2SQL. Company’s gain benefit by having an expertly trained technical or sales professional available to their organization.

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